Upcoming Gigs - Summer 2017

2/24/17 - Duo w/ Katie Flynn @ The Iron Post: 8:30pm

5/20/17 - Katie Flynn Quartet @ The Iron Post: 8:15pm-10:30pm

5/26/17 - Duo w/ Crofton Coleman @ ? Fiona Kimble Album Fundraiser: @ 8pm

5/27/17 - Peter Tijerina Quintet @ The Iron Post: 6pm

5/31/17 - Chip McNeill Quartet @ The Iron Post: 6pm

6/2/17 - Piano Bar @ The Iron Post: 5pm

6/5/17-7/30/17 - Nightly Solo Piano @ The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island: 8:30-11:30pm

8/6/17-8/12/17 -Nightly Dinner Music w/ The  Ryan Tomski Quartet @ The Alpine Resort in Egg Harbor, WI

Fairly Recent Collaborations

6/3/16 - World Premier of "Monolithic Stacks" and "Algae" written for Rich Perry and Big Beat at Hat City Kitchen, Orange, NJ.

5/6/16 - World Premier of "Alter Ego" written for Freddie Hendrix and Big Beat at Hat City Kitchen, Orange, NJ.

4/1/16 - Performance of "Dance With Aleta" written for Duane Eubanks and Big Beat feat. Allison McKenzie at Hat City Kitchen, Orange, NJ.

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